Continuous help in giving them proper guidance in developing themselves to be able to express more and in a better way could be a bit crucial and difficult for other parents. It would need time, patience and eve too much effort just to make things work and achieve your goal. But, this should be doing in a no-pressure state for you. As you put too much pressure to yourself and to the kid, it would only result to a not so good expectation and be able to lead to disappointment.  


You have to remember that kids would easily to remember and memorize the words and vocabularies about certain things. It is a nice step the you would help them to enrich it. Kids would have a hard time to express what they want to say but if you are going to look at them deeper they could understand more and deeply but it is just the lack of vocabulary or right words to say it is the problem. They can sometime express it in just a phrase not in a long sentence.  

There are some kids that are hesitant to speak or even to communicate with their parents. They are those kids that will just sit in a corner and play with the toys quietly. If this is what you could see, you have to try to engage them socially. Don’t let them to stay like this for a longer time before you change him or her. The best way to teach and give them some good foundation is when they are still very young.  

If they could hardly say the word or speak with your thoroughly then you may teach them some few basic ways of communication. For example, when they are hungry. They could put their hands to their stomach if they are having a hard time saying “I am hungry.” Next one to this is when they are to make a loud sound and you want to them to make their voice smaller or to stay quiet then you can teach him by putting their one finger to the mouth. In this way, it would be easier for them as well to recognize that had language when you are trying to make him quiet and you put your finger to your mouth. 

Avoid using third person pronoun. It is not always a good thing for them as they would easily call someone or most of the thing they could see as it, she or he. You may try introducing the real names of those stuff and things.  

Give your kids more books and colorful kiddy magazines that they could read and even interact like coloring the pictures in the book. Don’t let them to know the world of television and computer as you don’t want them to be addictive of it at a very young age. You could check for some more useful way in teaching your kids and knowing the things that you should for them in this link www.pickeringspeechlanguagepathologist.com. 

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